Good and Evil

     We spent many nights reading this book. I like to read a chapter a night. Marcella found some parts of this story disturbing, she must be the brains inside this equation because I actually found this story very funny, entertaining, and enlightening. The spoon of medicine covered with sugar. It is without doubt a new fairy tale. How could I stop reading after beginning chapters as this:

     “There were plenty of ways to entertain herself at first. She wrote poems (It’s a Miserable Life” and “Heaven Is a Cemetary” were her best), drew portraits of Reaper that frightened mice more than the real cat did, and even tried her hand at a book of fairy tales, Grimly Ever After, about beautiful children who die horrible deaths. But she had no one to show these things to until the day Sophie knocked.”

“In the forest primeval

A School for Good and Evil…

Two twin towers like twin heads

One for the pure,

One for the wicked.

Try to escape you’ll always fail

The only way out is

Through a fairy tale…”


Soman Chainani. The School For Good And Evil. Harper Collins Publishers, 2013.

When the world wants to dictate who you are, May we all be who we want to be, who we truly are, and not what others want to make us out to be. Imagine Soul