Water Colors

photo 1
Desk set up for April

Finally a sunny Saturday afternoon in Northern California. The Mars and I hauled a lot of books and supplies back to our place. Decided it would be a good day to finish the color chart that comes in the back cover of the box. These are Japanese Kuratake water colors.


The rich colors come in small Gansai pans which I am pretty new to. The little pocket squares come off and dance all around the room every time you knock them out, which I did twice. Thankfully these come numerated in case you might loose your place.

photo 3

Completing the color chart was not only instructional but entertaining to say the least. Making a color chart helped me get familiar with the different colors available, thirty six colors around the color wheel. Beautiful range. Wish you could see how vibrant these colors are face to face.

Here’s a sneak peak into the possibilities, I present to you the Starry Night by Marcella.

The Starry Night by Marcella. Watercolor on Paper, 2017.


If you are looking learn more about materials I really recommend:

Artist’s Manual, A Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Materials and Techniques by Chronicle Books. Start a palette and learn about technique.

Water Paper Paint, Exploring Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media by Heather Smith Jones, Quarry Books. Fun projects to learn watercolors and explore your creativity.

Have Fun !


© 2017 by Imagine Soul





Peace be with you, Acrylic on wood panel, 2015.

     I had posted this painting in my craft blog, why did I do that? or is it that my computer is thinking by itself or manipulating my decisions. Either way, I think this should be its rightful place, after all there is a lot of heartbreak to go around inside this blog.

     I finished this painting last year. Even though it is very small, it took me about five years to finish because I had a lot of thought put into it and it just never seemed finished. I started it after one break up and finished it after another. I started it after he said “Peace be with you”. I did not understand it at the time. Maybe he was making remarks to my Catholic upbringing, or maybe he was upset I made him go to church with me one time and this was the last thing he wanted me to know. I did not mean to upset him. Religion might be its own thing for everyone, more than anything for me it says where I come from and I know it can give hope. In this case like in many others, now I think break ups happen for the better, especially when you are young. They make you grow, they make you learn, they make you better in your next relationship.

     But it brings a lot of questions for me. Recently I watched this YouTube video of a young woman saying she had an online stalker for 10 years. She says it is a true story. Like everything on the internet I question everything, and I take it as advice. It sounded like a scary horror story. We put ourselves out there for expression and unfortunately some people can prey on that. Some people can actually obsess about you and follow you around for years. What makes someone put so much time and energy into making up stories and creating content inspired on your life or about what they want to criticize about you or make fun of? Is it money? Some times making people go way too far. I think it is plain hate. Currently there is a lot of hate going around in the US. It starts small but little by little, it gets out of control and the human race can get into unpredictable chaos.

     A very nice lady told me she had to console her teenage daughter after her first break up. Yes, sometimes our boyfriends or girlfriends leave us for someone else. The spoon ran away with the dish. And that is okay. You will survive. A break up does not have to leave you broken. Obviously I am not a relationship expert but one thing I know to be true, and that I would tell my daughter, is that to make a relationship work, it takes two people not willing to give up on each other. Both have to be in it. When one partner gives up on another it is just better to let go and let it go. For your own sanity. And goodness knows I have new stories to tell you. But that could happen at some other time. Imaginary friends, there is no need to internet stalk someone for years, or make endless songs, and movies, and sitcoms about them. If you are putting negative energy out there, that attitude will only brew hate and its effects.

It took me six years to finish this painting and I realized … Peace starts from within.

Go on and spread peace. I think the world will thank you.

© Imagine Soul, 2016.

After all …

After many men and unfortunately, or should I say especially, women, have made me feel replaceable. I can only think about this painting a friend made in college, it was just meat, oh I get it.

Remember to:

  • Make new friends and forget old enemies
  • Avoid drama
  • Take the weekends off
  • Get your energy rebalanced by a holistic healer
  • Accept the world for what it is
  • Love without fear (check this one please)
  • Find a mantra
  • Accept that I can’t do everything
  • Simplify my life

I get by with a little help from my imaginary friends.

Thank you all.


©Imagine Soul, 2016.

Thank You

     I would like to thank the Ingrid Nickelsen Foundation for awarding Marcella and I, a grant for working artists a year ago, in Summer 2015. Ingrid Nickelsen’s legacy is a model of motivation for women artists. And I feel honored to be chosen as a recipient.


     Some things I was able to achieve through this grant were taking a few creative excursions and researching and planning career options as a working artist. It granted Marcella to enjoy Ceramics. On a personal note, it helped me start some dental care. Overall, we got a little weight off our shoulders and had fun.


Tish Tang V, date unknown, oil on canvas, 57 in. x 49.25 in.


If you would like more detailed information, here is a great Ingrid Nickelsen biography compiled by the Humboldt State University First Street Gallery: http://www2.humboldt.edu/first/exhibitions/2006/ingridnickelsen.html

kahr-pe dee-em !


©Imagine Soul, 2016.




This Should be Easy to Discuss

     The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom, but leads to a lot of hard learned lessons including heartache and pain.

     We live in a new age when things have changed drastically. Events like shootings are happening around the world, war, refugees crises, and never seen before environmental issues, to name a few. At home privacy is a luxury, the writing is being dissected by the minute, friends turn into enemies, and some enemies are friends, bullies cannot wait to use something to their advantage, but still some good people encourage love and happiness while disguised as invisible angels. And in the news every night it seems like every character in the book wants to be president. So then Porn, well yes my imaginary friends, porn should be easy to discuss.

     I am writing from my own perspective which is that of a young adult single woman, living in the United States, who is open to dating men. My first reaction to being single, was, well, hey I am in the market again. Conveniently I know a young man who lives close to Market Street, but that is just too far from where I live. When I signed up for online dating my daughter thought that you could “buy” a boyfriend online. Maybe some people do. But I said “No sweetie, you do not buy a boyfriend on the internet, in reality you buy the chance of “maybe” going on a date and “maybe” meeting your next love. Needless to say, children, see the world so clearly, this interaction quickly discouraged my intentions.

     I realize popular culture, beauty magazines, and the sex industry objectifies woman, turning the female body into a product. This is why some people have little respect for women. I think it is okay for a woman to be how she wants to be. I think if one day I want to dress up and it seems sexy that does not give anybody the right to call me names or belittle me. As women we want to feel safe being ourselves, being open, and comfortable in our own bodies. We all are beautiful in our own way. Each one of us unique.

     It is a colorful age with shades of gray, black, white, orange, green, yellow, and rainbows. I was raised in a politically liberal family with hints of catholicism. I could discuss many things with my parents, which does not exactly mean I have not been judged. I hope to raise my child in a way that we are open to talking about many things as well. And this is what I would like to talk about right now, I do not agree it is okay to buy or use a human for sexual purposes. People breed animals for profit. But exploiting humans for sex in any shape or form, when the future is now, seems unacceptable. This Thanksgiving night I watched shades of Gray, it seems this young girl was never really able to have a decent conversation with this guy. This is a sensation in popular culture.

     Personally, numerous people have tried to guilt trip me for expressing my sexuality. I want you to know that it is okay to express your sexuality. I hope you are alive because your parents at one point in their lives loved each other enough to create another human being, and that is how you got to this world. So it would be counterproductive for you to deny that you were made to love. There is no shame in it. There is no need for you to deny your body chemistry either. The problem I found was when people lied and used each other. And by the way If you feel attraction for someone, use a condom. You can walk into most clinics and they usually will have free samples you can take. Get tested for everything and be honest with your partners about anything. In this country we are so lucky to have access to reproductive care. HIV testing is so advanced you can get test results in minutes. Do not leave your drinks unattended and preferably go out drinking with real friends, the ones who will not abandon you at a party when you are drunk with strangers.

     The Rolling Stone magazine wrote a great article about the sex industry showing statistics about porn stars and sex workers. Most people in this field have been sexually abused at some point in their lives. It is unrealistic to make a porn actor a sex role model. Human sex trafficking is real and millions of children and women around the world suffer unwillingly in the hands of predators. Most consumers of porn are men, but many times there are women promoting this. So I ask you this, what amount of money would make it worth it for you to be used and filmed and be put on display for the world to see. Money is spent and goes from hand to hand until it reaches a dark room inside a reserve somewhere we will never dream of getting close to. But your life, well, I’m looking at the big picture now, and science says it took billions and billions of light years and stardust to compose into what is now your body. Your celestial body.

You are made of stars, never forget that.


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