Peace be with you, Acrylic on wood panel, 2015.

     I had posted this painting in my craft blog, why did I do that? or is it that my computer is thinking by itself or manipulating my decisions. Either way, I think this should be its rightful place, after all there is a lot of heartbreak to go around inside this blog.

     I finished this painting last year. Even though it is very small, it took me about five years to finish because I had a lot of thought put into it and it just never seemed finished. I started it after one break up and finished it after another. I started it after he said “Peace be with you”. I did not understand it at the time. Maybe he was making remarks to my Catholic upbringing, or maybe he was upset I made him go to church with me one time and this was the last thing he wanted me to know. I did not mean to upset him. Religion might be its own thing for everyone, more than anything for me it says where I come from and I know it can give hope. In this case like in many others, now I think break ups happen for the better, especially when you are young. They make you grow, they make you learn, they make you better in your next relationship.

     But it brings a lot of questions for me. Recently I watched this YouTube video of a young woman saying she had an online stalker for 10 years. She says it is a true story. Like everything on the internet I question everything, and I take it as advice. It sounded like a scary horror story. We put ourselves out there for expression and unfortunately some people can prey on that. Some people can actually obsess about you and follow you around for years. What makes someone put so much time and energy into making up stories and creating content inspired on your life or about what they want to criticize about you or make fun of? Is it money? Some times making people go way too far. I think it is plain hate. Currently there is a lot of hate going around in the US. It starts small but little by little, it gets out of control and the human race can get into unpredictable chaos.

     A very nice lady told me she had to console her teenage daughter after her first break up. Yes, sometimes our boyfriends or girlfriends leave us for someone else. The spoon ran away with the dish. And that is okay. You will survive. A break up does not have to leave you broken. Obviously I am not a relationship expert but one thing I know to be true, and that I would tell my daughter, is that to make a relationship work, it takes two people not willing to give up on each other. Both have to be in it. When one partner gives up on another it is just better to let go and let it go. For your own sanity. And goodness knows I have new stories to tell you. But that could happen at some other time. Imaginary friends, there is no need to internet stalk someone for years, or make endless songs, and movies, and sitcoms about them. If you are putting negative energy out there, that attitude will only brew hate and its effects.

It took me six years to finish this painting and I realized … Peace starts from within.

Go on and spread peace. I think the world will thank you.

© Imagine Soul, 2016.


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