The Sharks are Out

Lately I feel freedom of expression is only a myth

It is a fairy tale that looks good on paper.

People have gotten used to the lies so they question the truth,

to see the truth is to question sanity.

Black and White are one and the same, not gray, they’re equal side to side,

being here has made me realize humans share the same nature,

Black is black, white is white, and they need each other so they can be themselves.

Just like the devil was created by God so was Jesus, and if we were created to God’s image doesn’t that make us equal?

I’ve seen darkness and I’ve seen light

I’ve seen sheep and wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing

which one is truer than the other?

one just is

the other one pretends to be but only lies to itself.

I am caught in the middle with nowhere to go but within me

and question the truth about human nature.

The sharks are out and it is in their nature to want to bite from any direction,

see your brothers and sisters

really, what difference does it make

to make yourself feel so different from the other,

to say you belong to the white or to the black,

what do you think makes you so different from your enemies,

if when you act, you all act the same.


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