‘Cause I Like How Much It Hurts

FreeDedicated to all people

Because you cannot please all of the people

For those who hurt themselves without knowing

For all of those who do what hurts them without knowing they like it

For those who do what they like without knowing they are hurting

For the lover who hurts another lover

For the lover who leaves a lover for someone more exciting

For the spouse who cheats on a spouse with someone sexy

For the sexy lover who has lost hope

For the person in love who is turned away

For the lover who waits for love to manifest

For the child who seeks love

For the child neglected by a parent

For the parent who abandons a child

For the parent who cannot feed a child

For the older child who takes care of the young

For the child who self medicates

For the drug addict who escapes reality

For the abuser who spreads fear

For the abused who know no difference

For those indifferent

For the rude person answering the phone

For the worker who dreads every day at work

For the worker without dreams

For the dreamer who has yet not reached those dreams

 For what is missing inside of you and inside of me

For everything we have and for everything we do not

For nothing at all

Because only you can make yourself happy

Peace be with you


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